D’Z Reviews TNA Impact 2/20

Opening Segment If Dixie Carter opening Impact with Magnus at her side isn’t stale yet, it will be by this time next week. The segment does make an effort to force Magnus into being the focal point, as he did most of the talking while Dixie does what she does best, stands idly by wearing […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/17

Opening Segment John Cena comes out to a mixture of cheers and boos! Mostly cheers on this night, however. Cole seems excited to show us the replay of Cena’s match with Orton last week, a match most of us didn’t want to see in the first place. Cena’s hat and t-shirt combination screams “TMNT”, but […]

D’Z Reviews TNA Impact 2/13

Opening Segment If you thought Impact would open with anything other than Dixie soaking up as much screen time as she can, you are a fool. How she thinks she is helping the product by overshadowing Magnus and his title reign is anyone’s guess, but Dixie, on the off chance that you read my reviews, […]

D’Z Reviews NXT 2/12

6 Divas Tag Match The show opened with a 6 Divas tag match, but you know what? I’m taking a stand. I. Do. Not. Care. About. Women. Wrestling. Simple as that. If you are interested in the match, I’m sure you can find a video of it. Apparently Emma made Alicia Fox tap out. I’m […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/10

Opening Segment WWE knows what I want more than I know what I want, apparently. Did I want Batista to win the Rumble? Not really, but what do I know? Do I want to see Randy Orton as WWE Champion? Not at all, actually, but Triple H didn’t call me before making that decision. Do […]

UFC Fights to make after UFC on Fox 10

A UFC card with very little hype came and went Saturday, which is odd because the majority of the first 9 “UFC on Fox” events were very solid cards with memorable matches. This card may not have been great, but it does leave us with some fights that should be made for the fighters who […]

D’Z Royal Rumble Preview & Predictions

Pre Show Match: The New Age Outlaws vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust for the WWE Tag Team Championships  Prediction: New Age Outlaws win  I expect the Outlaws will pick up a dirty win here, carry the belts into Mania and put over a team like the Usos or Real Americans at Wrestlemania. God forbid it […]

D’Z Reviews TNA 1/23/14 “Genesis”

Magnus Opening Segment Magnus, wearing a fresh suit as always, came out and began by questioning Sting’s manhood, because he used his political pull with the ‘mystery investor’ as a way to get someone in his corner during the title match. Sting had heard enough, and he came down to confront Magnus. Magnus claims that […]

D’Z Reviews NXT 1/22

After a one week hiatus from NXT (were those last tapings really dragging on for anyone else??) I am back and ready to review more NXT.   Adrian Neville vs Wesley Blake  Wesley Blake was making his NXT debut in this match. He doesn’t have a wikipedia page, so I can’t really tell you anything […]