Why the Ascension should come up to the main roster

The Ascension have been a strong unit on WWE’s development show NXT, and have held the NXT Tag titles now for a good 100+ days. If we look at the main roster, we have a thriving tag divisions with tag teams getting a slot on every RAW & Smackdown. Great Teams like Real Americans, The […]

2 Potential Opponents for Dean Ambrose for the title

Dean Ambrose has been carrying the title for sometime now, however being a member of the shield, who have been involved in the Authority storyline has not done anything for the United States Championship. Ambrose has had a few random title defenses but no one poses a threat to the title. The Shield looks to […]

Why Damien Sandow should feud with Big E Langston

Big E Langston has the look, the speed of a WWE superstar and is currently in possession of the companies richest prize regarding mid-card championships, a title that has been held by the likes of Chris Jericho, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and was seen as the gateway title to the main […]