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D’Z Reviews TNA Impact 2/13

Opening Segment If you thought Impact would open with anything other than Dixie soaking up as much screen time as she can, you are a fool. How she thinks she is helping the product by overshadowing Magnus and his title reign is anyone’s guess, but Dixie, on the off chance that you read my reviews, […]

Genesis Part 2 2013 Review

I have to say part 2 was better than part 1. The first match:Gunner and Storm seemed to be headed in the right direction. These two big guys sling it out in middle of the ring. I was impressed that both competitors pulled off some impressive moves from the top rope, Gunner with a fall […]

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode (TNA Wrestling, 16th January)

Well, these two certainly do have some amazing chemistry, and they proved it inside the Steel Cage. With a story of Legacy vs. Legacy, Pride vs. Pride and The Best vs. The Best, it wasn’t only what was on paper that made this match Don’t-Miss-Television, and it did not disappoint, by any means. Angle and […]

D’Z Reviews TNA 1/23/14 “Genesis”

Magnus Opening Segment Magnus, wearing a fresh suit as always, came out and began by questioning Sting’s manhood, because he used his political pull with the ‘mystery investor’ as a way to get someone in his corner during the title match. Sting had heard enough, and he came down to confront Magnus. Magnus claims that […]

D’Z Reviews TNA Impact 1/9/14

Last weeks Impact was the first I had watched in its entirety in a few months, and it was a pretty solid show. I’m intrigued by Magnus as champion, Bully Ray’s character changes, Roode vs Angle and the happenings of Gunner both feuding with Storm and carrying the briefcase for a world title shot.   […]