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WWE, Coming on Strong

I have to say as of late, the “Authority” has resigned and brought in some unbelievable talent. Raw last week, Cody Rhodes doing a moonsault off the top of the cage was crazy! Even though the Rhodes brothers lost, it was a great match! The NAO, maybe older now but they still got it going […]

Only and only Paul Heyman can do it

Generate a heated heel reaction from the crowd? Minutes later… a huge pop from the crowd. Same repeated words for over 3 weeks now and you feel something new every time. How many character in the wrestling industry can actually pull such a thing off. I have been a WWE fan for past few years […]

Hey Everybody!

It is Janet Lee! I am back sorry I have been gone for a while, had some family stuff going on. I have been keeping up with wrestling as usual. It is definitely Wrestlmania season, everyone is trying to get on the ppv. Why shouldn’t they, I thought this “Andre The Giant” battle royal is […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 3/13

With the CM Punk/Chicago crowd situation receiving a lot of attention, this Raw was more highly anticipated than most by the average fan. Many wondered: will CM Punk make a triumphant return in his home city of Chicago? Spoiler: No, he did not. I didn’t so much expect a Punk return, but I wondered how […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/24

Hulk Hogan Return Unless you are the saltiest of haters, it is good to hear “Real American” on Raw again. Hogan, who some speculated might not receive a warm ovation, receives the loudest pop I’ve heard in WWE in quite some time. And when Hogan gets pops, they are sustained for minutes at a time. […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/17

Opening Segment John Cena comes out to a mixture of cheers and boos! Mostly cheers on this night, however. Cole seems excited to show us the replay of Cena’s match with Orton last week, a match most of us didn’t want to see in the first place. Cena’s hat and t-shirt combination screams “TMNT”, but […]

D’Z Reviews NXT 2/12

6 Divas Tag Match The show opened with a 6 Divas tag match, but you know what? I’m taking a stand. I. Do. Not. Care. About. Women. Wrestling. Simple as that. If you are interested in the match, I’m sure you can find a video of it. Apparently Emma made Alicia Fox tap out. I’m […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/10

Opening Segment WWE knows what I want more than I know what I want, apparently. Did I want Batista to win the Rumble? Not really, but what do I know? Do I want to see Randy Orton as WWE Champion? Not at all, actually, but Triple H didn’t call me before making that decision. Do […]