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D’Z Reviews Raw 2/10

Opening Segment WWE knows what I want more than I know what I want, apparently. Did I want Batista to win the Rumble? Not really, but what do I know? Do I want to see Randy Orton as WWE Champion? Not at all, actually, but Triple H didn’t call me before making that decision. Do […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 1/20/14

Batista’s Return I felt a little underwhelmed by Batista’s return, and I know I wasn’t the only one. I was never the biggest Batista fan in the world, but I was relatively excited to see him back. The first mistake of the return was having Randy Orton involved. He cut a promo directed toward Triple […]

1/20/14 RAW Results

Opening Segment Triple H and Stephanie kick off RAW. They start talking about how the Royal Rumble is the start of the road to Wrestlemania. They prepare to introduce Batista but get interupted by Randy Orton. Stephanie starts talking about how everybody is watching since they announced the WWE Network. He starts complaining about his […]