WWE, Coming on Strong

I have to say as of late, the “Authority” has resigned and brought in some unbelievable talent. Raw last week, Cody Rhodes doing a moonsault off the top of the cage was crazy! Even though the Rhodes brothers lost, it was a great match! The NAO, maybe older now but they still got it going […]

Only and only Paul Heyman can do it

Generate a heated heel reaction from the crowd? Minutes later… a huge pop from the crowd. Same repeated words for over 3 weeks now and you feel something new every time. How many character in the wrestling industry can actually pull such a thing off. I have been a WWE fan for past few years […]

Hey Everybody!

It is Janet Lee! I am back sorry I have been gone for a while, had some family stuff going on. I have been keeping up with wrestling as usual. It is definitely Wrestlmania season, everyone is trying to get on the ppv. Why shouldn’t they, I thought this “Andre The Giant” battle royal is […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 3/13

With the CM Punk/Chicago crowd situation receiving a lot of attention, this Raw was more highly anticipated than most by the average fan. Many wondered: will CM Punk make a triumphant return in his home city of Chicago? Spoiler: No, he did not. I didn’t so much expect a Punk return, but I wondered how […]

D’Z Reviews TNA Impact 2/27

Opening Segment  Tenay opens by saying that Dixie Carter isn’t going to be around tonight. A+ way to start the broadcast in my humble opinion. Instead of the usual Dixie Carter opening segment, we get MVP coming out first and he is well received as has been the case during the UK tapings. MVP announces […]

D’Z Reviews Raw 2/24

Hulk Hogan Return Unless you are the saltiest of haters, it is good to hear “Real American” on Raw again. Hogan, who some speculated might not receive a warm ovation, receives the loudest pop I’ve heard in WWE in quite some time. And when Hogan gets pops, they are sustained for minutes at a time. […]

D’Z Reviews TNA Impact 2/20

Opening Segment If Dixie Carter opening Impact with Magnus at her side isn’t stale yet, it will be by this time next week. The segment does make an effort to force Magnus into being the focal point, as he did most of the talking while Dixie does what she does best, stands idly by wearing […]